Timber Maintenance

Maintenance of your timber is essential, and although all has been done to ensure that it lasts as long as possible, there are certain things you can do to keep it looking brand new!

We recommend timber in ground contact be treated with a brush on preservative every two years. And every three years for fencing, garden sheds, planters etc. All preservatives available at Robertson Timber Ltd.

In an agricultural setting, we recommend spraying or brushing the neck of your stobs/posts at ground level periodically depending on condition. Contact us for more advice.

If you are installing timber for a retaining wall it is important that you coat all faces that will be in contact with the soil with an approved preservative beforehand, also a waterproof membrane or roofing felt should be fixed prior to backfilling.

We also recommend that you keep cutting to a minimum, and that all cut ends should be treated with an approved preservative immedietly after cutting.